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Data Entry Services

The Digitization of data might sound like an easy task, b

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Data Conversation Services

Storing all data in a format useful for a business.

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Data Processing Services

Data Processing means manoeuvring big amount of raw data and

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Scanning Services

The best way to make document storage, retrieval, and search easy

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Image Editing

A perfect image equals an amazing photograph! Be it professional

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Image Annotation

From tagging to sorting the objects in the image, retrieving the image,

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Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a practice of maximising traffic
Social Media Optimization: SMO is the use of social media to engage and grow business'

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Designing & Development

The process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a website is called Web Designing and Development. It determines the layout,

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OCR Services

Capturing raw data from varied file formats is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition has dominated the market. Increasing demand for timely

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About Us

Introduction: UniWorldOS is a leading business process services company providing end to end services to its client globally. We drive and deliver for our clients guided by extensive experience combining our expertise and commitment to not just cut down your process overhead but adding value to your business with the finest quality and in time deliverables. This give approach put us in the unbeatable position while delivering process lifecycle to our clients.


Gather Client Requirement

Planning is an important part of project delivery which starts with gathering client requirement to decides entire roadmap


Prepare Action Plan to process the task

The roadmap with each milestone is put into the act for the project noting down every details to take real from paper


Process sample run

All the aspect of project are taken in possible sample size to sample run so that the final output is error free


Based on sample run result start work

All the checks and balance put together implement the final run of the project is done based on the correction derived from sample run

Services for Back Office BPO


Even having all the data in the world is useless if it is not classified for better interpretation!


As data is imperative to manage and interpret for successful business operation,


The current competitive market is led by digital technology, so much that every business,


The Success of any marketing strategy and campaign is supported by building, retaining, and enhancing a target audience with the mix of actual and potential customers.


If you use images as infographics or deal with data in form of images regularly in your business, you know the importance of those images in areas like business privacy or development.


With high levels of competition in business, nowadays, is compelling businesses to find ways to make their processes more efficient than ever before keeping businesses on toes.

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