Real Estate Data Entry

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing business segments where Real estate professionals like realtors, owners, and agents have a lot of data to handle daily. This large amount of data is generated from sources like property valuation, property listings, legal documents, sales and commission details, updates regarding the property, etc. which need to be recorded authentically in a form that a business can analyze the data to understand the business curve for better decision making. At Uniworld Outsourcing, we understand that data entry for all the operations of data in-house can deviate your focus on core business functions. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that you are not burdened with the day-to-day activity of such tedious non-core task while leveraging you with our rich expertise and skilled staff who would perform real estate data entry for you from printed/handwritten paperwork, online resources, PDFs, or even scanned photos into Excel or Direct Database, following particular prerequisites ensuring excellent quality of services at an affordable rate.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Real Estate Data Entry Services To Uniworld Outsourcing

By outsourcing your Real Estate Data Entry requirements to Uniworld Outsourcing, your business can leverage our expertise and experience in delivering bespoke solutions to a global clientele.

  • Online/Offline Image Data Entry with data Cleansing, Keying, & Indexing

  • Unmatchable quality and accuracy with a quick turnaround time

  • Excellent Operational Efficiency at competitive rates

  • Meet your cost reduction targets with our professional services

  • A Complete Range of Remote/Offshore Image Data Entry Services

  • Identifying and eliminating missing values
  • Correcting inconsistencies in the extracted data
  • Clean data output by correcting typo-errors and redundancy
  • Zero error expectancy with QC and Double-Key Data Entry
  • None to zero operational downtime with the highest data security

Real Estate Data Entry Outsourcing

We are specialists in extracting data from image files into different formats efficiently and accurately to deliver quality services even for the most complex projects. We assure complete, quality, and accurate data as we adopt the best processes and tools in the industry with proven quality check systems to push our work to zero error. Our image data entry services cover verticals which include offline image data entry, keying, indexing, data extraction, image and data management, etc.